Math tutor

Approaching Thirty......

No, we are way past 30 years of age.

It's amazing how photography can connect people. Maybe we need a reason, a spark, a push, and fortunately, photography provides all those. Wee Toon and I knew each other since we were in secondary one. He was already a macho guy back then, with a loud booming voice (he plays the tuba in the school band), which came in handy after he entered the education service. We met each other on and off over the years when our kids attended the same music school. It was very nice of him to visit the studio to have a family portrait taken.

After several years heading the Gifted Education Department in Raffles Girls School, he brought his unique way of teaching Mathematics to students outside the elite schools by starting Math Mavens. One thing I really like about his philosophy is the small-group based system, which he puts emphasis on individual students' progress rather than lining his own pocket. I knew because he politely declined to admit my wife's niece into his math support centre because the class was full, and also it was midway into the final term already. However, he was very kind to offer free advice to my sister-in-law when she encountered certain challenges.

Please go check it out fast if you don't want to be "locked out of the door". :)