The Many-Faced God With Only One Expression

I am sure all parents would find the following images very disturbing, graphic but oh so familiar, especially if you have more than one kid in the family, much less three. Parents are like the civil service: they act as policemen who manage the crowd, or become the riot police when forceful actions are required; they act as firemen, putting out fires on a minute-by-minute basis, and carry out rescue missions when someone gets trapped; they are diplomats, constantly negotiating, wheeling and dealing; and of course, they are also teachers, nurses, doctors, army generals, public transport providers etc.


Parents, unlike our top civil servants, do not get paid in millions of dollars or neither do they receive the kind of recognition reserved for CEOS, Permanent Secretaries or ministers. Parents receive much more, in terms of genuine love, smiles and kisses from her charges.

Don't be despaired by the above images if you are in the midst of planning a family. It is just subjective editing of the pictures. The reality is much more fun than this.


Of course, there are many sane moments. Such as this only one below, when the kids are not around.