50 Experiences for 500 Kids by The Collective Effort

It has been an honour and pleasure to know this group of dedicated and selfless team of people who set aside time to bring unforgettable experiences to some under-privileged primary school children in Singapore. Usually, we are more touched by plights of fellow citizens who are seriously or terminally ill, or marginalised human beings in other countries who are crying out for aid.

There is actually a substantial number of young children closer to home who may seem to be  "invisible" to members of the public. They could be from broken families, or their parents are struggling to make ends meet, but outwardly, they look like any other kid on the streets. Once you delve deeper, you'll soon discover they lack many things which most of us in a certain stratum of society take for granted. We talk about Resorts World Sentosa, art museums or Gardens by the Bay being the pride of Singapore, but sadly some of these kids have never visited these places ever. You will be surprised that some of them have very little, and they ask for very little. My friend recounted a story of how a girl wanted just a hug from my friend.

I am not good at describing the cause of 50 Experiences For 500 Kids, and it is best you read it here.

As for me, I am only doing a very small part, by volunteering my photographic service when these kids get to go out and enjoy themselves. It is my humble effort to document these memories for them. This was one of the excursions I accompany the kids, in this case, students from Blangah Rise Primary School to iFly in Sentosa. You can read more about their maiden flight experience at The Collective Effort. I hope more people can pay attention to these children. Sometimes, when the system fails us, it takes a collective effort from us, citizens, to do what is right.


It was a joy to make photographs of these little imps.