No Fake Library Backdrop

My friend Yu Hsin from Tinydot Photography was the wedding photographer for Adriel and Priscilla Kuek (blue jacket and black dress respectively). I had the privilege to make some family portraits for them when Gideon (the boy) turned one. I was so glad when Adriel called me up to say that this time his whole family wanted to be involved, in conjunction with his younger brother's graduation from university. I rarely do graduation photos, because majority of the customers are still looking for fake library backdrops. No one will see you seriously as a graduate if you have not taken a photo next to the photo of collection of Brittanica Encyclopedia.

If I shoot graduation photo, then I will shoot it like a family photo session, on location. You see, I charge by the hour, not by number of people. Therefore I was able to make separate portraits for individuals as well as various groups of members within the family. We get to kill many birds with one stone at an affordable hourly rate after averaging out. I also enjoy shooting large groups because of the dynamics and energy, despite the odd moments when kids behave like old people or old folks throwing tantrums like kids.