They Love SG

The similarity between these three families(not along racial lines) is that they all fell in love with this tropical island we call home. Before departing Singapore and heading back to their respective original homes, they have requested me to capture an important slice of their life in Singapore.

In my profession, I have to use my eyes, visualization and imagination all the time. Instead of looking at balance sheets, stock market indices, inside patients' mouths or chests,  or mountains of documents, I have to look at the light, observe the surroundings, how the two interplay and walk a lot to discover new spots for photography. Inadvertently, the opportunity to get to see Singapore much more often than people who work indoors and at their desks led me to appreciate our country's beauty and nuances. Because I am a family photographer, I would tend to focus more on the beautiful and positive side of things, which in itself is not a bad thing, if not unbalanced. I'll leave the unbiased documentary of Singapore life to the real photojournalists. :)