Probably The Most Famous Photographer-Family In Singapore

I had the privilege of documenting some tender moments between famous art and documentary photographer Bob Lee, his wife Hui Hui and their equally famous son, Lele. They have been widely interviewed in print and on T.V., in part because Bob is a fierce advocate of public awareness of raising a special-needs child (Lele is autistic). Their story strikes a chord with many people, both local and foreign, touches many lives and provides much inspiration to parents who face similar challenges on a day-to-day basis. (I have two cousins who have special needs and I have first-hand experience on the difficulties faced by my uncles and aunts.)

I have known Bob since our photojournalism days, when he was with Zaobao, and I with The New Paper/Today. Both of us hailed from Johore Bahru too. Hui Hui was a familiar face I saw on the job as well at that time.

The intensity of parenting an autistic child can be energy-sapping to the point that it swallows your lives. During the one hour they were with me, it was minute-to-minute stuff on the word go. As a parent of two, I can only imagine and extrapolate what they go through every day. It helps that Bob provides regular and light-hearted updates on their daily lives on social media, which makes light of their challenges. You can never do that without courage, optimism, and lots of love and patience.

At the end of the session, the role was reversed and I got to keep a photo that Lele took of me.

At the end of the session, the role was reversed and I got to keep a photo that Lele took of me.