Alyssa's Birthday Party (Long Overdue)

If you ask me now what the most difficult "genre" of photography assignment, I would tell you straight it is children's party celebration, more specifically that of pre-schoolers, and especially in high-energy and mobile environments (think indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, laser tag battlegrounds etc.).

Imagine trying to frame candid moments in a creative and journalistic way with a dozen or more 5-6 year-olds running crazy and screaming down your neck. That is my office for the day. Of course, I could have taken the easy way out by just capturing some happy snapshots and I am sure most parents would have been very pleased. Unfortunately for me, that has never been the way I tell stories with my camera. It was like that with news, it is like that with weddings, and I don't see no reason why I should change for kids photography.