Friends Of Childhood Past

The Tans are a family of five whom we got along pretty well during the days when our kids attended the same kindergarten. Their only daughter Gwyneth and mine were in the same class and they hung out back in those days.

Subsequently, they each went to their respective primary schools and "lost touch" (the parents still keep in touch). This family photo session was so special because it provided us an opportunity to catch up. "Gwyn misses Yuwen," according to her mum, CY.

Interestingly, the two girls just looked at each other and laughed for the duration they were together in the same room, and that is precisely why kids are such precious creatures. They are genuine and do not hide their feelings. Honestly, their paths have diverged and have no common topics now. They do not know what small talk is, but then, from their laughters I could sense their affection for each other.

I believe the seed of friendship has long been sown inside them, but due to distance, it has not germinated the way it should. Maybe one day, their paths might cross again, and the seed will have grown into a tree.

A very innocent pair of Gwyneth (L) and Yuwen share a moment.

A very innocent pair of Gwyneth (L) and Yuwen share a moment.