Friend For Life, Foe Once Every Week

Tuck Weng is a friend since our secondary school days. Our classrooms were next to each other, so we saw each other almost every day. Ever friendly, warm and easygoing, he can immediately put you at ease. After we started working, we often gathered with other friends to play football at our alma mater on weekends. Unfortunately, family and work commitments made those weekly joints more and more difficult, plus the influx of new players was getting younger, fitter and stronger, which made oldies like us look bad in a big field.

 I am happy to see he has a very lovely family. The two boys were cheeky, lively and full of laughs at the studio. One hour just whizzed past in an instant. The only downside is his allegiance to English club Tottenham Hotspurs. I know he was mightily disappointed that his beloved club faltered last season. Selfishly, I hope the unlucky streak continues.......sorry Tuck Weng!