KC Wong

Husband to a pretty and kind woman, father to a daughter and son, KC firmly believes being good parents is about teamwork. It is far more difficult to say "No" to the kids than being the all-obliging-cool-buddy-dad. As you guessed it, The Family Man is also The Bad Cop in the good cop/bad cop routine, a role he plays with relish.

He started off as a photojournalist with first The New Paper and then became part of the pioneer team that kickstarted the photo department in Today newspaper in 2000. His knack is always in telling visual stories, which came in handy when shooting weddings in a candid and natural style. After surviving >10 years of documenting weddings, a marriage and the daily hustlings of his two kids, his greatest joy is in seeing kids who are free-spirited, sun-loving and are allowed to run like wildlings. Although he loves the space afforded by the outdoors, he is not averse to shooting indoors when circumstances dictate.

You can see KC's wedding works here. He is also the founder of Sherpa Papa, a DIY fully set-up baby/family photography studio which seeks to empower every parent to make his/her own awesome baby or family pictures.